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Thursday, June 30, 2016

[ Beauty ] Rice Water Bright Eye and Lip Makeup Remover THEFACESHOP

The Face Shop is a familiar brand to many of you, I am sure of this! With Suzy Bae endorsing their products, how can you not know.. 

They have a range of products from skincare, to makeup, and body/hair care too. Categorized as a drugstore/ road-shop label, it has a variety of products from affordable to luxury items. 

I was acquainted to this brand when I was in my teens, starting off with nail polishes, to lip tints, and facial cleansers and even makeup. This is the first time I am using their makeup remover though, and I must say.. I am sold.

Received this travel sized 50ml makeup remover, and have been loving every single drop of it!

THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 

An emulsion-in-toner formula, separated into 2 years with a milk-coloured emulsion on top, and a clear water base at the bottom. This keeps the eye and mouth area from dehydrating, and removing makeup without irritation. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

[ Beauty ] Etude House Oh My Eye Line BROWN

That princess and fairy tale brand, I am sure you've heard before...

It is none other than, Etude House!

While I have not really tried out a lot of their skincare and face makeup product as they do break me out occasionally..

I am a big fan of their makeup line! Today's review is about their popular liquid eyeliner,

Oh My Eye Line in Brown!

Overall : 4/5

This highly pigmented felt tip eyeliner is definitely to die for. The felt tip is able to pick up a lot of product, therefore you do not need to keep dipping into the pot to get more.

One swipe is pigmented enough! But if you're new to drawing liquid liner, make sure you test it out on your hands before using it on your lids!

It has a very natural and rich brown colour!

The absolute one reason why I will highly recommend this, is because it is easy to wash off! 

Definitely a keeper if you want an easy to remove eyeliner.

The only down side is, if you rub your eyelid frequently, it can remove the liner. 

I am done with this product, because it has finally started to dry out, and the line does not appear as pigmented and pretty anymore.

This is an affordable eyeliner, so do try it out if you've yet to! <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[ Beauty ] Dove Beauty Moisture Cleansing Foam

On my recent trip to Taiwan, I forgot to bring a cleanser! My oh my, what a good excuse to try out new cleansers? :)

I went during winter, therefore I got myself a moisturising cleanser to test out! Turned out, I really liked it!! And I have finished it all!!!!!....

110g of product
 As it is sold in Taiwan, the product is mainly in Chinese, and also in its original language, Japanese.

Brief translation of the product:
  • Moisturising essences to hydrate your skin
  • Locking sufficient moisture for your skin
  • 1/4 of moisture lotion, easily lathers 
  • Gentle cleanser 
Makes makeup apply on easily! - which it works, as you won't get dry/patchy skin ;)

The cleanser comes out as a a white cream, which easily lathers (really), and does not strip your skin.

Scent? A little milky, and it doesn't really have its unique dove scent. 
Click image for the ingredients!
Overall: 5/5
Overall, I really enjoyed using this during my trip in winter, and even back in Singapore, with humid conditions.

My skin feels very clean, yet smooth and hydrated after cleansing! I never had any dry skin or patchy skin related issues even during the cold season in Taiwan. Yays!

And that definitely enabled my makeup go to on smoother! 

I am searching high and low for this cleanser, but I haven't seen it yet. This shows how much I love this product!!

I definitely have other products to use, but none of them really gave me this smooth and moisturised feeling after washing! ^_^

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[ Makeup ] Pastel Makeup for Spring

Some unicorn and pastel colours for today's makeup! Great for Spring!

I have been having break outs lately due to my diet and the lack of water consumption (naughty naughty..). I've been indulging in chocolates, spicy foods, sweet drinks etc. These are really no-nos if you want to maintain good skin. 

Anyhow, achieve this bright look with 3 simple pastel colours - pink, blue and purple. 

Start off by filling in your brows, I didn't have a strong arch here but you could really rock this look with any kind of brow. 

I applied a skin tone shade all over my lids so that the pastel colours will show up better. 

Apply the pink shade on the inner half of your lids, and apply a light purple at the outer corners. For the centre, I chose a slightly darker pink to blend the 2 colours easily. And I went ahead to re-apply a blue-toned purple in the outer colours again. 

To create that mystical and dreamy effect, like unicorns do, apply cyan/light blue on right above the purple lightly. Caution! You only need a little bit of this light blue!

Using a clean brush, blend away harsh lines. 

Highlight under lash line and inner corners for that extra sparkle.

Apply eyeliner as you like, curl your lashes and apply mascara too! And you're pretty much done!

Despite this look being very colourful, I felt this pop of pink lips would blend really well with the very light pastel shades! 

What do you think? :)

Mess up your hair a little~ and there you go! Unicorn power~!

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

[ Makeup ] My Favourite Everyday Eye Look

Lately, I have been using more and more eyeliners. 

I used to prefer just having drawn brows and a proper base makeup, and I was satisfied! Nowadays, I go further.. and apply a little eye shadow and eye liner. 

This is my go-to eyeliner style, which pretty much looks very natural with or without glasses! 

All I did was to apply a wash of eye shadow all over my eye lids, and apply a shimmer highlight on the centre of my lids. 

Then using the black/brown pencil eyeliner to extend the shape of my eyes in a natural manner - following the curvature of my eye shape and how my eye tends to look when I smile. 

Optional, but I would then fill in the ends of the bottom lash line to make my eye look just a little bigger. 

Easy isn't it!

Thank you for reading! 
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